Athletes Foot

Athletes foot is a form of a fungal infection of the feet also known as tinea pedis.

Do not ignore athlete’s foot because although it can be treated easily, it can also become resistant to treatment if ignored.

Athlete’s foot is a common skin condition that many people develop through the course of their lives.

Image result for AthletesAthlete’s foot occurs when moisture, sweating and lack of proper ventilation of the feet occur and when these symptoms are ignored. When moisture builds up over a period of time the feet can allow the fungus to grow causing what is commonly referred to as athlete’s feet.

Athlete’s foot is quite common in teenagers and adult males. It is believed that the reason that athlete’s foot occurs more often in teenagers and adult males is because of the sheer amount of activity and the lack of allowing their feet to dry completely or their shoes to completely dry prior to placing the wet shoes back on their feet. The dark, damp, moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for athlete’s foot.