Foot Callus

There are many causes and treatment for a foot callus. A foot callus can form due to friction or pressure. When a foot callus forms this is the body’s way of protecting the tissue from further injury. If a callus did not form as a protective measure, an ulcer could develop which can be more painful and damaging. A foot callus can cause foot pain. The thicker the callus the more painful it can be. A callus normally forms under the metatarsal heads; these are the bones behind the toes.

Callex Foot Callus OintmentOne of the causes for a foot callus can be feet with a high arch. With high arched feet you will normally get a callus on the bottom of the foot behind the first and fifth toes. Feet that flatten are another cause for foot callus on the bottom of the foot. With flat feet a callus would be present behind the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th toes. Feet with bunions will often have a callus below the 2nd metatarsal head. Shoes with hard insoles, like most dress shoes, are much more likely to cause calluses.

There are several foot callus treatments. One of the first treatments for foot callus is wearing shoes with a soft insole such as running or walking shoes. These types of shoes should be worn as much as possible. If you cannot wear athletic shoes, then at a minimum wear shoes with soft insoles.

Wearing custom made orthotics with soft extensions to cushion the bones on the bottom side of the foot can also help treat a foot callus. This is generally used most often with individuals with flat feet.